Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12) words inspire writing ideas

The Literary Life 7/15/09
Here's a list of twenty-one words I like because of the way they roll, jump, skid, or ballet off the tongue. Use one to jumpstart a poem or story. Maybe try to use all twenty-one words in a piece. Or, if you're working on a project, try to incorporate three or more words from this list below into a scene you're crafting:

1) Quixotic
2) Jazz
3) Pillowcase
4) Dendrology
5) Guacamole
6) Blunt
7) Pomegranate
8) Canyon
9) Pedigree
10) Secondhand
11) Crouch
12) Archipelago
13) Plunder
14) Hoops
15) Coleslaw
16) Molecule
17) Dwindle
18) Ghastly
19) Smash
20) Oration
21) Nebraska

Now it's your turn: make your own list of 21 words you like to say. Even suggest a word or two in the comment box below that you would definitely add to this list.

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