Sunday, August 23, 2009

51) arranging bookshelves

the literary life 8/23/09

The art of arranging bookshelves can be entirely free of art. For years, my shelving was pragmatic. The only thing aesthetic about my bookshelves was that they seemed decorative, like a piece of furniture announcing, this woman likes to read. I've been buying books ever since I can remember, but somewhere in the last few years I realized that I'd collected a whole lot of spines. Finding the specific book I wanted at the specific moment I needed it became a challenge. So I decided to organize things a little. I arranged some books by category.

I have a section for reference/teaching related books, poetry books, and books on the art of writing. I have an area for cookbooks. My fiction and non-fiction books are then kind of grouped together, and I don't mind this. I've got the books I need to find in an area I can locate them easily. I plan to sculpt out more sections as my interests develop. The next section I'm thinking of organizing is one for mystery books. But I don't see myself alphabetizing books. Maybe if one particular section got too big...

Anyway, here's a link, including pictures, to thirty creative bookshelf designs. One bookshelf is organized by color, in rainbow order (that's how I recently arranged the clothes in my closet, and while I felt kind of peculiar doing this, it's actually soothing to walk into):

Here's an interesting link to a post entitled, "Bookshelf and Self." Be sure to read the comments too!

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