Sunday, August 30, 2009

58) the ucla writers' fair

the literary life 8/30/09

Today I had an active day attending the UCLA Extension Writers' fair. It's an afternoon of panels and conversations focused around writing. The real goal of the fair is to promote UCLA writing classes and give prospective students a chance to see and meet instructors. It was my first time attending.

The best piece of advice I heard today came from a panel on leading the writing life. Here a couple of the instructors emphasized that one does not need to write full-time to become a writer. One instructor commented that instead of feeling like we need to commit ourselves to writing 9 to 5, becoming a writer involves a shift in identity; in other words, viewing oneself as a writer. This way, no matter what our commitments (job, marriage, and/or children), we can adopt the world view of an artist.

A shift in identity. I found this insight to be empowering.

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