Wednesday, September 23, 2009

82) Dana Gioia's "Disappearing Ink" article

the literary life 9/23/09

I found an interesting article by Dana Gioia called, "Disappearing Ink: Poetry at the End of the Print Culture" (published in The Hudson Review in 2003). Check it out:

From the last paragraph of Gioia's article:

"As long as humanity faces mortality and uses language to
describe its existence, poetry will remain one of its essential
spiritual resources. Poetry is an art that preceded writing, and it
will survive television and video games. How? Mostly by being
itself—concise, immediate, emotive, memorable, and musical,
the qualities most prized in the new oral culture, which are also
the virtues traditionally associated with the art. Serious literary
poetry may even be better positioned to thrive in this new century than that greatest creation of print culture, the novel."

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