Friday, October 16, 2009

105) turning your day job into poetry (cool link); a word about teaching

the literary life 10/16/09

Surfing online, I found a cool link on turning your day job into poetry. It's by Shanna Germain, about finding the "poetry" in your workplace.

Also: As the school year wears on, my classes are getting chattier. It's leaving me more exhausted at the end of the week. I begin to crave a moment of silence religiously. Today I read Antigone in one of my sections. There was much resistance to the play:
I don't get this.
Why are we reading this?
I hate this.
I can't relate to this.

I'm reading the play with four of my sections, and I'm seeing that some are enjoying it. But there's this lack of enthusiasm overall. I try to make it interesting by having them do competitive "chorus" readings and creative assignments. I try to get us to debate the issues and provide summaries. Back in high school, I might have resisted the play too. But then we didn't read it in class together, like I'm doing with students. Anyway, there's this divide between students and teachers sometimes. And even enthusiastic delivery and creative lesson plans can't automatically "bridge the distance."

On a positive note, I had some sections do creative presentations based on Antigone. A few students rapped "poems" in the voice of different characters from the play; their poems were pretty cool and well written.

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