Thursday, October 1, 2009

90) emphasizing the positive: hallmark greeting card writer, david dickerman

the literary life 10/1/09

Surfing the web, I found a link to an NPR interview with David Dickerman, a poet turned Hallmark greeting card writer. The discussion features his response to "unique" greeting card needs from callers and email queries. He also discusses his memoir, House of Cards. I enjoyed listening to the thirty minute podcast because Dickerman is witty and nice and unexpected. He says, "No one goes into this business because they're jerks. You go into it because you want to make people happy." The downside, he admits, is dealing with corporate culture. But the conversation covers so much more.

I was excited because Dickerman went to the University of Arizona (my own home for undergrad). Also, like me, he was a Religious Studies major in college. After listening to this interview, I think it might be fun to come up with a unique situation for which no greeting card exists and write a poem about it (for instance, a congratulations card for a Buddhist who finally attains enlightenment--maybe the right greeting card for this really would be nothing). Here's the link to Dickerman's interview:

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