Friday, October 2, 2009

91) ten eclectic observations

the literary life 10/2/09

1) Sometimes I can go a whole three days without thinking about poetry. I don't like it when this happens because I like wearing my poet goggles as I drift through each day. Then I find tulips poking out of bars of soap.

2) I love the word conundrum. It's fun to say. Something soothing about the way it slips off the tongue.

3) If I were to start a literary journal one day, I might name it Mango. I like how this word evokes color, flavor, and culture simultaneously.

4) Once, when I was ten, I painted a fish in watercolor. It was two-dimensional, and the image lacked any signs of talent, but sometimes I miss the old painting of a fish.

5) Standing in the sun during the pep rally at school today, I found myself pining for shade. But while a few casual steps would have taken me out of the sun, I didn't move.

6) I want to sleep on my kitchen floor one night just to see if I'll wake up a better cook.

7) I felt the stillness today. During my noisiest class, I took several deep breaths. Despite the chatter, I felt a kind of loosening, a silence taking root.

8) Sometimes when I visit my parents, I slip into my old bedroom. The space seems like a stranger. Yet there are times I feel a flutter in my chest, and I want to lie on the bed and travel back back back.

9) I wonder why I didn't major in nutrition.

10) Once an old woman I didn't know came and sat beside me on an empty bus. For twenty minutes I sat staring out the window, resenting the woman's proximity.

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