Monday, November 2, 2009

122) twenty-two life lessons i've learned from reading and writing poetry

the literary life 11/2/09

1-be patient with life's challenges; hard work pays off with insight
2-read, read will be reflected in the work you do
3-avoid the cliche life; be your best particular you
4-have rhythm, have passion
5-slow down and focus on the moment; the more you notice the details, the more you appreciate the big picture
6-life is marked by passing moments, precious fragments
7-find your technique for approaching life and continue to develop it
8-focus on where the mind and body meet; practice meditation
9-be elegant
10-your diction and delivery impact your tone; the tone is what communicates feeling, what others remember
11-have a voice and don't be afraid to use your voice
12-trust in something higher
13-focus on the way things sound, experience the sensations
14-live from the heart
15-go deep
16-brevity makes one seem more credible and sincere
17-have a muse
18-listening can be as or more important than speaking
19-find the ordinary in the extraordinary, and the extraordinary in the ordinary
20-make living, like reading or writing a poem, an act of discovery
21-embrace simplicity and beauty
22-view unexpected shifts as doorways to new experiences

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