Friday, November 6, 2009

126) writing a poem can be

the literary life 11/6/09

Writing a poem can be...

1) a way of tasting chocolate without digesting calories
2) a way of seeking consolation
3) like scratching the pavement
4) a surprise party where you are the only guest
5) like doing a puzzle
6) like deifying toothpicks
7) a chore, like folding towels
8) a way of howling at the moon
9) a form of peaceful revenge
10) the highlight of my evening
11) the "fun" in functional
12) an act of rebellion
13) a way of swearing in metaphor
14) a workout
15) a meditation
16) a way of challenging the cliche
17) a willingness to hope
18) a form of dancing
19) a way of hearing music in the muteness of your living room
20) like climbing a ladder into wilderness

1 comment:

  1. I like # 20 best, but you are spot on with the rest.