Tuesday, December 8, 2009

158) naps

the literary life 12/08/09

After a day of teaching and running errands, I came home and fell asleep. A long one hour nap. The phone rang and a message was left, but I didn't wake up. I slept until the sky went black. Waking up, I felt refreshed, energized and at peace. Before I fell asleep, I read twenty pages of a novel. When I woke up, I thought: I could spend several months doing this: reading, taking naps, and watching the rain. Occasionally, I'd scribble out a poem, feed the goldfish in the tank on my bookshelf. I'd eat some chocolate, write a blog post. See my family, hug my husband, take my walk. I don't need much else.

Sometimes, when I get busy, I forget how rejuvenating some simple rest can be. I forget that things are far less complicated than my mind makes me out to be. The weather clears, my thoughts blue as sky. I even write with less urgency.

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