Friday, December 25, 2009

175) christmas eve with family

the literary life 12/24/09

Spent Christmas Eve with my parents, sister, and husband. We exchanged gifts at our place. My husband and I cooked dinner. The menu included roast chicken, roast potatoes, lentils, fried veggies, and salad. My mom made an apple pie.

My family and I do a book club (we try to read a book and discuss it two or three times a year); for Christmas Eve we read The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall. We had a good discussion about this mystery set in India. The author is a white British journalist. We marveled at his ability to recreate aspects of the South Asian culture so authentically. We laughed at the book's humor. It's a light entertaining read. Here's a link with more info about the author/book:

All day long I've been wanting to write a poem. I haven't had time. Maybe tomorrow I'll claim a quiet hour and speak my mind on the page. My dad bought me this poetry book anthology with CD for Christmas, which I'm excited to get into. I'm eager for poetry consumption. More presents to open tomorrow...

It's late now and I'm officially tired. More later.

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