Monday, January 25, 2010

207) grading, thinking in poetry

the literary life 1/25/10

The last couple of days have been a grading frenzy. First semester grades are due at 7:30am tomorrow, and I'm still not done! I wish I could spend the evening in bed reading a book, but alas there's still work to do. At least I can input scores online later while watching T.V.

Getting deeper into poetry...yesterday's post is still on mind. I'm too exhausted to write today, but I do plan to get some writing done. Earlier at work this afternoon, I listened to a short podcast interview with the poet Stephen Dunn (one of my favorites), and he gave some good advice for the emerging writer (which is probably good advice for a poet in any stage of their career). He advised poets to treat their art the way a ballet artist or violinist might--assiduously practicing on a daily basis, even when you don't feel like it--to write daily for warm-ups and stretches. I think this is good advice. Daily writing practice is not just about words for me but about embracing the poet's point of view: when I write daily, I remember to think in poetry, meaning when I go to the grocery store, for example, I don't just see a row of clunky silver carts: I see blue, orange, purple, and red. I see potential.

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