Thursday, April 22, 2010

243) today's my birthday

the literary life 4/22/10

Well, today's my birthday, and once again I have turned "thirty something." For a couple of years, I've been vague about my age. Not sure why. I just think I like there being some ambiguity about it. Maybe I've stopped thinking specifically in numbers.

Anyway, I plan on a low key celebration. I want to do some writing and go get dinner somewhere. But I do have some wishes to send into the universe (like, will "X" tell me "Y" and will "Q" turn into "Z"). How's that for intentionally vague? Today I've got perfect birthday weather. It's overcast and dreamy out. And looking out into the great complex world I see my mental weather clearing. Here's a birthday haiku.
The keyboard squeaks
each time I hit the shift key--
birds sing in Kyoto.

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