Saturday, May 1, 2010

245) zen coffee

the literary life 5/1/10
Love this image of "zen coffee" pasted above. This morning I attended a wedding, but I had to leave early to give a poetry reading in Santa Monica. I read at an art gallery; it was South Asian themed work, but it was kind of anti-climactic because there wasn't much of a poetry crowd there. There were a handful of people in the audience, including a kid aged 12. Still they seemed to nod their heads after I read, and I felt they really listened. Anyway, there was some beautiful work up in the gallery, so I walked around and took a look. Later I drove home thinking about coffee, except when I got back I drank tea. Now I'm craving coffee, but it's almost bedtime, and my husband and I just finished watching the movie, Crazy Heart, which is in part a critique of indulging in vices and obsessions. So I think I'm going to drink a glass of water instead and get into bed. I'll read until my lids feel heavy.

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