Thursday, June 3, 2010

254) at home in the world.

the literary life 6/3/10

This morning it was cloudy, but it never rained. I know it's summer, but I'm inspired by rainy weather. Why? Because rainy weather makes me want to write. I guess I see rain as a healing symbol. I've always struggled with place in my writing: do I belong to a town, city, or country? It's hard for me to choose, to pledge allegiance because I've lived in so many places. I locate myself in weather. I locate myself in moods, in sky-aesthetics. When I see clouds, I feel I'm looking at a great blanket stretched across the sky. Everything goes soft, and it's a kind of relief. When the weather risks emotion, risks vulnerability, I am also willing to be more vulnerable in my work--in my writing. I am at home in the world.

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