Sunday, July 25, 2010

276) poet on the move

the literary life 7/25/10

Haven't posted in a while; spent the last few days moving and didn't have Internet access. We moved from Thousand Oaks to an area closer to the city in Los Angeles because my husband and I have new teaching gigs. What a labor intensive task! I like our new apartment. It's more compact than the last one, but it has character, and it's still quite comfortable. It's a city apartment--more modern. We ride up an elevator to our floor. We park our cars in a garage. We no longer have a washer dryer in our unit (we have to walk down the hall to use a shared one). And we buzz people into our building. Our old apartment complex was open and hilly and wide. In our new space, there are restaurants and markets within walking distance, which I've never had living anywhere. I wonder how moving from the suburbs to the city will impact my writing? The act of moving itself has already had some impact. For instance, I had to sort through clutter and donate some books to the library, and in doing so I had to reckon with changes in my identity over the past few years. I donated some of my grad school texts, acknowledging that that period in my life is over. I hung on to my poetry books, writing craft books, fiction books, and mystery novels. I hung on to my cookbooks. I've reduced my religious studies and Mid East Studies texts. And there's something liberating about this. It's true that letting go can be an act of healing, of committing to the present.

Some cool creative things I've done over the past week:

1) Attended the 2010 PEN EV finally reading at the Hammer (Some awesome fiction writers read their work, including Simone Kang, who is an amazing short story writer).

2) Wrote in my journal every morning.

3) Met with a group of women to discuss writing/creativity.

4) Unpacked boxes and decorated our new home.

5) Meditated and read Buddhist books, trying to channel my inner mystic.

6) Used the word "faith" six times in conversation.

7) Participated in an online poetry writing class through UCLA extension.

8) Read fiction/poetry sitting on the ground of my new living room.

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