Saturday, November 20, 2010

315) off for break & 12 words that I think are sexy

the literary life 11/20/10

So great to wake up on a Saturday morning and think, I have a week off! I woke up and read some more of Madame Bovary (about 100 pages left to go). And I worked on a poem. I drank tea then some coffee and walked down to Whole Foods for a breakfast pastry. I took a nap then read some of my poems, thinking about where to go next with my manuscript in progress. The last couple of months I've been focused on teaching and the demands of a new job. I love this new environment, so the work, while challenging, has been engaging. In the meantime, writing's been that thing I turn to during frenetic lunch breaks or squeeze between laundry and grading on the weekends. Writing's been that thing lurking in the background. I feel it's more my shadow than my flesh lately, and I hope this week to get into it, to send out a few poems. The thing is, I think about writing every day. Something has been swimming through my mind lately--an awakening or transition. I can sense my creativity driving down the street, figuring out where to park. I can sense it slowing down and putting on its indicator light. Something sensual is forming. Speaking of sensual, here are 12 words that I think are sexy:
1) Silhouette
2) French
3) Sachet
4) Mince
5) Assuage
6) Ink
7) Train stop
8) Petticoat
9) Embrace
10) Signature
11) Cranberry
12) Blanket

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